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Abbeylawn Manor Living

This is a Part-time position in undefined, undefined posted August 26, 2017.

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Office Manager the Receptionist, is responsible for receiving and directing visitors and inquiries, relaying and coordinating resident and staff messages by use of telephone, intercom, nurse call and P.A. system. Previous employment in a health care facility is an asset but not mandatory. Must have basic computer skills.


Receives visitors, doctors, and delivery people and announces them to proper persons.

Handles inquiries from potential clients and conducts tours.

Is aware and respects and promotes the Resident Rights and Responsibilities.

Answers telephone, relays messages to proper persons.

Answers intercom and relays messages and requests to appropriate staff members.

Relays P.A. announcements as required.

Sorts and processes incoming and outgoing mail for residents and department managers in a timely fashion. Redirects all financial mail to the Executive Director, unless addressed to the attention of a specific individual. Delivers Resident mail to their rooms.

Makes appointments, e.g. Dentist, Foot Care.

Maintains confidentiality of staff and resident data including resident trust.

Receives and processes meal tickets for staff and visitors.

Does typing as assigned/requested by management staff including confidential material.

Answers questions of residents and visitors. Re-directs questions to the appropriate individual as necessary.

Receives any deliveries and calls maintenance.

Enters repair requests and tasks in maintenance book.

Types envelopes/labels and sends out brochures as requested.

Reacts to all door signals and directly monitors visitors entering building.

Knows and adheres to policies and procedures.

Demonstrates skill, efficiency and diligence in the performance of all assigned duties with a minimum of supervision.

Keeps resident and Abbeylawn matters confidential and exercises courtesy, good judgment and concern for the safety and well being of residents and visitors.

Maintains a good public image and correctly processes all information.

Performs other related duties as requested by the Office Manager

Replaces staff when required.


Grade 12 or equivalent general education.

Knowledge of Word for Windows (office suite).

Knowledge of basic accounting principles.

Must be able to speak, read and write English and to follow oral and written directions in the English language.

Must have proven ability to deal with the public in a similar setting.

Must have the personality, ability and temperament to work in a manner that will maintain the spirit, dignity and individuality of each resident and work cooperatively with other staff members.

Must have completed all ORCA Tutorials as required

The Receptionist reports directly to the Office Manager.

Working Conditions:

Must be able deal effectively with prolonged, concentrated times of administrative office duties in relation to reports and documentation. Must be able to deal effectively with problem solving situations.

Lifting alone, maximum 40 lbs. (5-29 lbs. usual), as an essential job function.

Lifting with assistance, maximum 150 lbs. (100-125 lbs. usual), as a non-essential job function.

Pushing/pulling, maximum 160 lbs., (100-125 lbs. usual) as a non-essential activity.

Walking, with some upstairs walking, as an essential job function.

Standing for lengths of time up to 3 hours maximum at one time, as an essential job function.

Bending/stooping for short periods of time as a non-essential job function.

Crouching/kneeling for short periods of time as a non-essential function.

Responsibilities To Health And Safety:

Is aware of employees’ responsibilities and follows all health and safety policies and procedures as set out in the employee safety program hand book and departmental manuals.

Is alert to and promptly reports all actual or potentially hazardous situations to immediate supervisor. Does not operate or use faulty equipment.

Wears personal protective equipment (or clothing) as required by task, M.S.D.S. or facility policy.

Promptly reports personal injury to supervisor and seeks first aid as needed.

Participates in fire safety demonstrations and fire drills, and knows the facility fire and disaster plan.